Continuing Education Course Curricula

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Training Class

All Training Class Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance after each Training Class is completed.

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The following are the course curricula for the continuing education requirements and the minimum amounts of time that each topic should be covered. There are seven (7) general topics that must be covered:

  1. Professional image and aloha training (minimum duration: 35 minutes)
  2. Active shooter (minimum duration: 40 minutes)
    1. Introduction to active shooters
    2. Active shooter in the vicinity
    3. What to do when law enforcement arrives
    4. Managing the consequences of an active shooter
  3. Workplace violence (minimum duration: 45 minutes)
    1. Recognizing potential workplace violence
    2. Indicators of dangerous behavior
    3. Proactive response and notification of management
  4. Fire safety (minimum duration: 30 minutes)
    1. Fire: causes, prevention, and response
    2. Different types of fires and fire extinguishers
    3. Basic evacuation procedures
  5. Bloodborne pathogen exposure awareness (minimum duration: 30 minutes)
    1. Various diseases, fluids, and routes of transmission
    2. Methods to prevent exposure
    3. Personal protective equipment
    4. Disease and vaccination information for HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, tuberculosis, etc.
  6. Professional ethics (minimum duration: 30 minutes)
    1. Ethics and professionalism
    2. Avoiding conflicts of interest
  7. Civil liability (minimum duration: 30 minutes)
    1. Lawsuits, claims, and liability
    2. Duty of care